George Chidi for DeKalb County Commission, District 7


That’s not a word that we think much about when we talk about politics in DeKalb County. We think about corruption, and roads that aren’t getting paved, and people on trial. We remember the bureaucracy of weird water bills and unreturned phone calls. We wonder if our neighborhoods are safe. We wonder if our houses will hold their value.

Together doesn’t enter the conversation. But it should. That’s how this gets fixed.

I’m George Chidi and I’m campaigning for a seat on the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, but I want more than that. I want to start erasing the divisions between north DeKalb and south DeKalb, between black and white DeKalb, between rich and poor DeKalb — I want the county to be able to define its identity as a place where we can all live and work, together.

My focus as a commissioner will be on restoring transparency and responsiveness to DeKalb government, attacking blight at the neighborhood level, getting roads paved and accurate water bills delivered, and effective, accountable police services.

A responsive government can solve these problems. But it takes a responsive community as well. Regular people, telling their government what’s happening, and their government responding quickly, changes everything. It will work. But we have to do it … together.